How to lose weight for people who like to eat a lot, Snacks for people losing weight.

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Diet control It is important in losing weight. Of course, the craving for sweets. or various desserts, it is believed that most of them must have faced these situations just like. Therefore, choosing snacks that do not make you feel guilty and do not affect your weight loss is something you need to look for instead. Let’s look at the following types of snacks that can be eaten. Plus you don’t have to worry too much about calories.

Snacks for people losing weight. Report by

Fruit jelly

Making fruit jelly is easy. Plus you can eat without feeling guilty. Just squeeze the juice and add the jelly powder. Wait until the juice sets into jelly. Fruit slices may also be add to add texture and crunch.

Dried Kale

A popular weight loss menu that uses only kale leaves. Put it in olive oil. Then bake until crispy. Sprinkle a little salt and you can eat it as a snack to enjoy all day.

Crispy Baked Beans

Grains are easy to eat. Gives high energy and less fat than other foods that provide the same energy Nuts are grains that are easy to eat. Crispy bake beans are therefore a popular menu item that should not be overlook.

Crispy seaweed

But you should choose a recipe that uses baking instead of frying. And choose a recipe that has little seasoning. Especially sodium, sugar and oil that cause weight gain.

Crispy puffed rice

Crispy puffed rice menu is made from frying rice until puff. But the weight loss recipe uses baking instead of frying. This menu item is also sold as a snack in supermarkets.


Granola is a popular form of Western food. It looks similar to cereal but is made from grains. It is often use as a weight loss menu. Popularly eaten with yogurt or milk.

Dried fruit

Of course, the dried fruit menu must be on the list of snacks that are not fattening. Fruits that are commonly eaten include raisins or drier grapes. drier apples Drier pineapple, etc.

Baked Potatoes

People who like French fries but don’t want to risk oil. Can be cook through a hot air oven. or oil-free fryer Helps you get delicious French fries without oil.

Clean Crackers

Crackers eaten with skim milk are a menu that goes well together. Or you can make it into a banoffee using only crackers as a base. You can top with bananas and sprinkle with honey.