Chopper is the shame of the Champions League playoffs.

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Ex-Chelsea defender Jason Kandy blasted Villarreal as a disgrace in the Champions League semi-final

on Wednesday night. “Yellow Submarine” defeated Liverpool 2-0 in the first game of the playoffs.

In this game Villarreal had 29 per cent possession and only one shot chance, while Liverpool had 20 chances to score.

Kandy said of the game via UFABET : “First of all, congratulations to Liverpool, comfortable game. Now there is no way Villarreal can cause problems for Liverpool

. It’s too easy for them. I don’t know what I just watched. But Villarreal is a shame.”

“It’s a shame . UEFA must see and think -We have a big problem – if that’s the semi-finalist and against the English team… Liverpool are not even out of second gear.”

“It’s terrible, Liverpool is awesome. But that’s a shame for the Champions League semi-finals. There are players who probably won’t even sweat

. They are in an alley. Villarreal lost even without the first whistle.”

“A team like West Ham could have made it a better game. Everton still made it a better game. I don’t know how Villarreal has come this far.”

“I couldn’t believe what I saw and I can tell you that you took the fans to stand with the fans. Dijk still got it.

” -Today is your lucky day. You get to play for Liverpool in the Champions League semi-finals, get dressed-“

“Villarreal is that bad,” he said.

Villarreal’s one shot chance in this game makes them the team with the fewest shots in the Champions League. The league semi-final (after Opta’s record in 2003) was the same as Inter Milan when it met Barcelona in 2010.