Messi returns to PSG training after penalty.

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Argentine striker Lionel Messi Appears at Paris Saint-Germain‘s training ground for the first time After a hectic week.

Paris Saint-Germain Twitter Club Revealing images of Messi’s return to training on Monday morning. After a troubled week Until the club was ordered to punish, suspended for 2 weeks.

Messi punished by club after flying to Saudi Arabia to promote Saudi tourism by private contract. Without permission from the club. Causing PSG to punish two weeks of suspension without receiving wages UFABET

Followed by news from French media L’Equipe that PSG have decided to abandon plans to negotiate a new contract with Messi. Confirming leaving the team after the contract expires at the end of this season.

After that, Messi apologized to the club. and teammates about this trip to Saudi Arabia. And during the team’s training session on Monday morning. The Argentine striker was seen at the training ground.

Messi flew on a two-day promotional trip to Saudi Arabia with his wife Antonela Roccuzzo and Zero and their heirs Mateo on Monday. Because of Signed a contract in exchange for receiving assets of 25 million pounds per year. (approximately 1,082 million baht) as an ambassador, where he posted pictures showing fans to see while traveling in Riyadh and Diriyah.

in such case The Argentina international has been banned for 15 days by a French billionaire who is likely to face a fine. In addition, he was forbidden to practice again.